Why I Created this Blog

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​I created this blog is to educate urbanites on some of the myths and misconceptions that are circulating in the news, blogs, and newsletters regarding agriculture. My mission is to present some of the facts and hope that you as a reader will use the information provided to do further research and come to your own conclusion. It would seem as though someone who is studying agriculture would have some implicit bias. However, as someone who was born and raised in Los Angeles and lived throughout California, I have the unique approach of seeing both sides. I buy organic foods, cage-free eggs, and am conscience about labels. However, I also buy products that contain GMOs and can distinguish if something is labeled antibiotic-free, I know that is by law.
While working in the tasting rooms of wineries in Napa and Sonoma counties, I tried to educate consumers who had misconceptions about wines. A common one I would hear is about sulfites in wine. People would say such things as the sulfites in red wine gives me headaches, or I am allergic to them. Through researching the matter, I found that sulfites are a naturally occurring process in fermentation and are added to preserve the wine. Dried fruit has more sulfites than in wine (20-200 parts per million [ppm] in wine versus 500-3000ppm in fruit), and sulfite intolerance only affects 1% of the population. That hangover you get from wines doesn’t come from sulfites, and as Andrew Waterhouse, professor of enology at UC Davis states, “There is no medical research data showing that sulfites cause headaches” (Woolf, 2016). It was information such as this and my knowledge of Viticulture (grape growing) that I was able to educate people about the industry.
Hearing facts such as these are a reason why I wanted to study Agriculture Communications. I encourage you to look at the source of information and question what their background is in the matter they write about. Are they a credible source or someone who has a motive? That is my desire, to educate you as a reader to make a decision about the matters affecting you and affecting farmers and ranchers. To show that farmers and ranchers are people just like you and me. They feed the world on their land with the concern of passing it on to another generation.
To show you matters affecting us, I will be addressing issues such methane emissions from livestock and its effect on greenhouse gases. In addition to presenting you with facts about methane emissions, I will inform you what farmers and scientists are doing to reduce emissions from livestock.
Other topics I will address will be glyphosate in wines and cereal. I will present some of the research on glyphosate and what world-wide organizations are showing regarding its effects on people and the environment.  What farmers and ranchers are doing to help conserve carbon in the soil by planting cover crops and how livestock also contributes. These are just some examples of the issues I am hoping to address. If there is an issue or something that you have heard, please feel free to contact me.

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